Advanced LLM-Based Open Source Language-Agnostic Mutation Testing Tool
AI-driven mutation testing tool that generates contextually relevant mutants to increase code quality and empower your development process.
Advanced Mutation Testing with AI
Mutahunter is a free and open-source AI-driven mutation testing tool that enhances software testing with advanced LLM models, providing comprehensive and effective coverage.
AI-Powered Mutations
Mutahunter uses advanced LLM models to inject context-aware faults into your codebase, closely resembling real vulnerabilities.
Context-Aware Fault Injection
Leverages LLMs to understand the context of your code, enabling precise and relevant fault injections that enhance test effectiveness.
Language Agnostic
Supports multiple programming languages, making it a versatile tool for any development environment.
Self-Hosted Option
Offers a self-hosted option for users concerned about sending their code to external LLM providers.
Integration with Tree-Sitter
Utilizes Tree-Sitter for robust code parsing and analysis, ensuring accurate and efficient mutation testing.
Detailed Coverage Reports
Generates comprehensive coverage reports, identifying weaknesses in your test suite through survived mutants.

Ready to Elevate Your Testing?
Join the community and start using Mutahunter to enhance your software testing with AI-driven mutation testing. Ensure comprehensive code coverage and security today.
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